Black Magic Against Miguel Serrano

Rafael Videla Eissmann

The Esoteric Kristianity of Don Miguel was never the Christianity of Rome, nor of Palestine. It was Kristianity with a "K", as he said, precisely, to differentiate it from the common. Nordic Kristianity, even more, polar Kristianity, that of the Kristos of Atlantis, of the Externsteine, of the Golden Mist of the Spirit. All other edge and interpretation about some symbolism in his funeral, is false. What was this all about? A Judeo-Christian Mass for don Miguel, a Mass in the temple of Yahweh, in the temple of a Christian church—one of whose Popes indicated Christianity as the “younger brother of Judaism”— Could all of this be possible? A Judeo-Christian ritual for don Miguel, the poet-warrior, the troubadour of the Myth and of the War. The shadows swarmed that day and the officiants of this terrible betrayal, conscious or not of what they were doing, developed step by step all the details of this rite.

Two six-pointed stars crown the entrance to the chapel of San Pedro, where this ritual of black magic was carried out. A great many people were there, fulfilling a social gesture, attracted by curiosity as well. I watch them with apprehension and see hypocritical faces, faces of individuals who wanted to fool don Miguel; others, simply scoffed at his ideas and evaluations. There were buffoons, the disloyal, the curious, relatives, and masons. They were all there.

In a strange atmosphere, someone sings and speaks of love. Another person reads passages from the Book of Job and a priest signals that Miguel Serrano is with the Father of his religion. They say superficial things. But nobody speaks of the Esoteric War, the War of Hitler and the War of Miguel Serrano. Nor of the Gods, of Valhalla, nor of Papan, of Resurrection, nor of Eternal A-Mor. Can all this be real? What forces have operated in this fatal drama when the physical body of don Miguel could no longer matter? And it is here that all of the mentioned interpretations about the Church, about Christianity—and even versions where don Miguel himself would have wanted this—and related ones arise with the object of justifying the black magic ritual against don Miguel. A lunar rite for a solar warrior. A lunar rite for the bearer of the swastika, the sacred symbol of the Sun.

These are facts, not interpretations. The enemies will have celebrated this desecration with dances and blood. And later, in the General Cemetery, the words were carries away promptly by the wind. There were no solar symbols nor banners of the Great War, of the War that don Miguel also fought, until the end, without falter.

The gray individuals who attended could not see the Astralkörper of the Heroes and Masters who formed a circle around the suffering body of Miguel Serrano, raising his diamond body to the spheres of a Universe-Multiverse formed by his thought, of pure mental plasmation. Only the loyal remain. Only the loyal have been aware of this betrayal.

Salve Miguel Serrano!

The casket of Miguel Serrano with the sign of Saturn (logo of a Chilean funerary company). Mass of death, satanic work of the "widow" Sabela Pérez Quintela.